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After a brief, informal assessment, I will design a plan

for your child's instruction, which can be modified for continued focus in areas of difficulty. I also allow for "spontaneous teaching moments," times where our lesson will follow your child's curiosity or where the content of the lesson or life leads us. As the parent, you will be be kept informed of progress every step of the way, as well as of how you can assist in the learning process. There are 

no formal tests to cause anxiety, simply ongoing evaluations.  ALL tasks I assign will be short and self-directed, and I will provide ALL materials necessary for our lessons.


Every student and every family situation is different. My services are designed to accommodate YOU and YOUR CHILD. While I generally focus on reading, writing and mathematics, as these core subject skills are intertwined throughout the rest of the curriculum, I do work on deficiencies and enrichment in other areas, like science and social studies. I also offer homework help, so nightly assignments and projects will no longer be a source of stress for your child...or for you!  Whether you prefer I come to your home or you come to mine, whether you feel 1 hour a week is enough or you'd like to schedule more often, we will decide together what works best and make changes as needed.