​​​"Our son Jacob experienced a wonderful year in school because of you. You engaged the students effectively and your creative methods of teaching and learning were very refreshing.  You made every project, field trip and experiment so exciting the children couldn't wait to participate. You are an asset to every student. " 

​Paul and Donna Salzburg, Fort Lauderdale

"My name Lam. I have 2 son, Dat and Hoang.  They need help in school.  They good, smart boys, but they no get good grades.  Dat have much trouble reading.  He no understand what stories about. Amy teach him new words, explain what happen.  Dat and Hoang love when she come to our house. She very nice. She bring books they like and teach them many new things.  They do homework and she tell me every day what I need do to help them.  Miss Amy very smart. She a very good teacher."

Lam Tran, Pembroke Pines

​"You are an energetic teacher, whose enthusiasm for education is boundless.  Your understanding of child development is apparent in the delightfully appropriate activities you use in your daily routines.  Our early intervention team voiced their enchantment with you and the hands-on activities they witnessed.  In addiction,  you develop a unique rapport with the parents as they assume significant roles in their children's education.  You are a dynamic worker, collaborating with other teachers to initiate unique new programs, and you demonstrate empathy and caring, finding ways to reach and help even the most difficult students.  As a first year teacher, you have surpassed all our expectations and have been a tremendous asset to our school." 

Judy Radin, Guidance Counselor​, Harbordale Elementary School, Fort Lauderdale

"My daughter was in Ms. Kahn's kindergarten class this year.  It was a very special time for Jennifer and our whole family, as we were drawn into the  entire educational process together.​  The dynamic between Ms. Kahn and her students was exceptional. In fact, everything about her classroom was exceptional.  The time, consideration and planning Ms. Kahn put into her lessons was reflected in the students' anticipation of what was yet to come and their accelerated progress in every subject area. Through her individualized methods of evaluation, no child was left feeling incompetent or inadequate.  Ms. Kahn had high expectations for her students, always encouraging them to reach beyond what they thought they could accomplish.  It sounds demanding, but quite to the contrary, the children rose to meet and often exceed her goals. One of the things that impressed me most was Ms. Kahn's emphasis on parent teacher relationships.  She always found the time each afternoon at carpool to share some tidbit of Jennifer's day that made me smile.  Conferences were extremely productive, spent presenting an elaborate, in-depth report of Jennifer's abilities and achievements, so I always had a handle on my daughters abilities.  Ms. Kahn always made me feel like Jennifer was her one and only student."

Annette Robinson, Weston

​​​  (954) 610-1385

"As far as I'm concerned, Amy Kahn is responsible for my son's continued success all through school.  In 3rd grade, Douglas was getting poor grades, having tremendous difficulty reading and his self-esteem was in the toilet.  He told me he was dumb and I was at a loss for what to do.  But all that changed when we started tutoring with Amy.  She immediately figured out where his specific problems lay and corrected them.  Within the hour of his very first lesson, Douglas gained back much of the confidence he had lost, as well as his desire to continue learning.  That $35 was the best money I ever spent, and I will forever be grateful for what Amy did for Douglas."

Lori Brawley, Weston, 1997

 "Amy Kahn a very good teacher.  She help my children do better in school when they have trouble.  I no speak good English.  Want my children get good grades and learn better.  She teach Linda how read and help Thai know new words. She teach him how write stories.  They read books, go on computer, and she tell them many new thing.  She even help me sometime.  My children have fun when she come over."

Hoa Pham, Davie

Our son Mathew is highly gifted in reading and language, but we felt he wasn't being challenged in school.  In fact, he was often bored, requiring more stimulation than his teacher could provide.  So, when Mathew entered first grade, we decided to hire Ms. Kahn to maintain his advanced reading and vocabulary level while supplementing his writing and math skills, which were not as strong.  During our son's lessons, she motivates him to think outside the box, to understand ideas and learn concepts that are above and beyond what the public school curriculum offers. She takes complicated concepts and breaks them down into practical problem solving exercises, and her hands-on teaching style keeps him focused on the task at hand.  We also appreciate the way she brings a variety of different, interesting activities to pique Mathew's curiosity, like summarizing current event articles on scientific breakthroughs, animal issues or environmental concerns.  Mathew has been working with Ms. Kahn twice a week for over 5 years now, and we are very pleased with his progress.  If you are looking for a customized tutoring experience, with a patient teacher dedicated to assessing and addressing the unique needs of your child, I recommend calling Amy Kahn.

​Yvette Brown,  Miramar

"Ms. Amy Kahn taught both of my sons.  Elan, my oldest, has achieved many successes after being in her class.  In her care, he quickly surpassed all mandated goals and objectives and is now a confident third grader with a positive attitude about school and a passionate desire to learn. She taught Elan to put his best effort into every task, no matter how challenging, and that it was okay to make mistakes as long as he learned from them.  Our younger son Michael was quite a challenge. He was competitive and disruptive, every day testing the limits of school rules as well as everyone's patience.  My husband and I worked closely with Ms. Kahn to curb Michael's misbehavior and found her to be an insightful disciplinarian, shaping his choices and actions consistently in a positive way.  Ms. Kahn is a talented, dedicated teacher who loves what she does and gives her students everything she has to offer." 

Michele Zadok, Plantation

​​"Ms. Kahn tutored my twins Alexandra and Mathew over several years. As my children got older, their math assignments got more complicated and their reading assignments became more time consuming. I didn't have time to help them, and even if I did, I wouldn't even have known where to start."  Ms. Kahn was a savior, doing homework projects and getting both kids prepared for the FCAT through outline development, reading comprehension and creative writing exercises. The kids were excelling beyond the standards the school had set, so I decided the tutoring should continue.  I wanted my children to have the best educations possible, even if it meant I had to pay out of pocket for them to get that extra support and edge."

Rosemary O'Dowd, Sunrise

"Miss Amy tutor my sons for 3 years.  We have big family, all live together.  We speak English and Vietnamese.  But my English not so good and my mom speak no English.  I worry my children always have trouble in school and want to get help so they do better, not have hard time.  Calvin in 5th grade now. He have another tutor, but she no help him, so I call Amy.   He do much better right away.  His teacher ask me what happen.  Amy teach Devin from first  day of Kindergarten and I see change right away too.  Devin a smart boy, but he never sit still.  He need someone good, make him pay attention.  Amy tell my boys spend less time watch tv and play video games. Read more books.    I use Amy til Devin go to middle school.  She do very good job."

Ha Le,  Pembroke Pines


"It gives me great pleasure to share my sentiments about Amy Kahn.  As a professional and a mom, my son Elliot had the benefit of her expertise, affection and compassion. Before she came into his life, he was lost in the school system, floundering and in desperate need of individualized attention and instruction.  We thank her for all the time and effort she devoted to his special needs, helping him learn better coping strategies while teaching him the skills he needed to pass 3rd grade.  It has been an honor and a privilege having her in our lives."

Stacy Kudeviz, Plantation

"We would like to thank you so much for enriching Heath's life and providing a strong foundation for his future education. You sparked his curiosity, instilled enthusiasm for learning and made his kindergarten experience memorable for our whole family."  

Linda Pomerantz, Plantation

"Thank you for fostering the joy of learning in our daughter.  You are a gifted and inspiring teacher.  You have touched Lauren's life forever and will always hold a special place in her heart and in ours."

​David & Robin Katzenstein, Plantation

 "You are a fabulous teacher and we feel so lucky.  Alex flourished under your guidance and  received the highest quality education from you, You are a dedicated educator with endless passion and energy, diligent, consistent, organized and creative.  You were caring and sensitive to Alex's needs. You provided us with constant feedback and went the extra distance to accomplish the goals you set for our son. Alex learned so much from you and loved going to school.  As parents we could not have been more pleased with his progress.  We deeply thank you for your devotion to our son and his entire class.  

Two Satisfied Parents, Mimi and Rob Stevens, Plantation

"As a busy mother with a job and 3 boys, I knew I needed assistance getting homework done and helping my oldest improve his grades.  He was having trouble in reading, and that was affecting his achievement in all the other subject areas as well.  A friend recommended Amy Kahn, and as soon as she sat down with CJ and began her assessment I knew he was in good hands.  Within a short time he had improved tremendously, to the point where his teacher at St. Boneventure took notice and recommended Mrs. Kahn to other students in need of help.  I highly recommend any parent considering tutoring hire Amy Kahn.  It was the smartest decision for me and my family, and your children with thank you as they are able to enjoy the learning process they once dreaded. "

Jackie Cruz,  Weston

"My son Michael had the privilege of being one of Miss Amy's students. From the start, she accurately assessed his strengths and weaknesses.  Then she formulated a clear and concise plan for his goals, which due to his love and respect for her, he worked hard to meet.  I also found her to be extremely flexible and accessible to parents at all times, especially when an issue of concern required immediate attention.  Miss Amy achieves a delicate balance between being firm with her students and providing a warm and nurturing environment where kids can thrive.  Finally, I was most impressed with Miss Amy's desire to go above and beyond to help every student succeed."

Jaclyn Weiss, Pompano

"In my opinion, Amy Kahn is a Master Teacher.  She demonstrates a personal commitment, dedicated to the enrichment of her students emotional and intellectual development.  As a cutting edge instructor, she creates unique and ingenious educational activities for them. She also expects students to take more personal responsibility for their own achievement, setting their own goals and deciding when they were ready to prove their competence. Her enthusiasm is contagious and my son Jessie responds to her with excitement and a desire to learn more. I know he will always remember Ms. Kahn fondly."

​Marcia Katz, Plantation

"As the school year comes to a close, I feel compelled to share what my son David experienced in Kindergarten with his teacher, Ms. Amy Kahn.  Ms. Kahn really understands her students, making every effort to give them what they need, and she really bonded with David.  Because of her, my shy boy came out of his shell, maturing socially, accepting responsibility and becoming an active participant in everything her classroom had to offer.  Her love of learning was contagious and David, along with all her other students, soaked up her energy and enthusiasm. Ms. Kahn filled David's school days with magical moments, as he learned fractions with pizza and science through cooking.  I still remember the first week of school when his class baked gingerbread men, then followed notes around the school looking for them, only to find them back in the classroom ready to be eaten.  Two of David's favorite units included "Community Helpers," and "Amazing Animals," each presented in the most memorable of ways.  David couldn't believe he got to ride around the parking lot on a stretcher in an ambulance, meet the City of Plantation K-9 officers and their dogs, touch a snake at Pet Supermarket, grow germs in pita dishes from a local MD, pet a horse from the Plantation Police Department's mounted unit, and share our family dog with his class on "Pet Day."  It was truly an amazing year, all due to Ms. Kahn, a teacher with inspiration and imagination."

Debbie Ramsey, Ft. Lauderdale

"I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Ms. Amy Kahn, as I have come to admire her expertise, creativity and energy.  Ms. Kahn works tirelessly to provide exciting and unique activities for her students, while working within the restrictive parameters set by the school board. She has a deep understanding of her students' educational, social and emotional needs, which makes her adept at setting up a well balanced curriculum of developmentally appropriate, yet diverse activities.  Ms. Kahn is kind and gentle, yet firm, as she molds the impressionable minds of our youngest students, and she is continually seeking new ideas while fine tuning already existing programs.  Ms.  Kahn has welcomed my suggestions as the Primary Specialist, as well as opening her doors to parents interested in classroom involvement.  As a first year teacher, she has proven to be a dedicated professional,  earning the utmost respect and appreciation of her students, their parents and our entire faculty."  

Heidi Buitron, Primary Specialist, Harbordale Elementary, Ft. Lauderdale


"It is with great pleasure I take time to tell you about Amy Kahn.  When we enrolled Bobby in Kindergarten at Temple Kol Ami, we were unsure of our decision to trust our son's education to a "brand new, untested" program.  But our leap of faith was rewarded as our son experienced the most special school year possible.  Ms. Kahn sought to provide the kind of classroom every parent dreams of, where the children learn through fun, hands-on experiences created just for them. Every activity was tailored to meet her students' individual needs.  Ms. Kahn would indulge her students' interests and curiosity. A reading lesson would turn into a social studies project or a science experiment, as the children realized they could lead their own education in other directions.  School lessons often turned into life lessons, which were excitedly shared in the car ride home or over the dinner table.  Bobby was a happy boy every morning when we pulled into the parking lot.  He would say, 'I wonder what we're doing today,' and confidently head inside to find out. Bobby loved school and he loved Ms. Kahn.  Just ask him."

Sim and Orly Jacobs, Plantation

"My name Tam and my daughter Han.  She come here last year from Vietnam, speak no English. She sad in school, understand nothing, teacher busy so other kid have to help her.  Amy Kahn fix everything and make Han feel better. Han now read and write much better. She come every week 3 time, do homework and teach my daughter speak good English.  Han love Miss Kahn."

Tam Pham, Davie  


"It is with great respect and appreciation I write this testimonial.  As a parent of three, I can honestly say Jared was the most fortunate, having Ms. Amy Kahn as his teacher.  She made learning fun, and everyday he could not wait to go to school.  I attribute his positive attitude to her exceptional teaching style and enthusiasm." 

Arlene Simonson, Plantation

​​Paul has been working with Ms. Kahn for 2 years now and has made tremendous strides. When he began tutoring, it was the end of first grade and he could not read or write. He had struggled terribly in school all year and developed a bad attitude towards learning, so his teacher and I decided to hold him back. Now Paul is reading chapter books beyond grade level and writing summaries, among many other skills. Amy is engaging, you can tell she really loves what she does. Even when my son is cranky and gives her a hard time, she manages to snap him out of it and pull him into the task at hand.  Since Paul now thinks he knows everything, and is ready to quit tutoring, I really appreciate Ms. Kahn’s patience, taking the time to explain and motivate Paul often about why the workthey are doing together is still necessary.  I highly recommend Amy Kahn! 

Lisa Brightenfield, Pembroke Pines